Laser / Photobiomodulation

Low level Laser (LLLT) or Photobiomodulation (PBM) Therapy directs energy in the form of infrared (invisible) and red (visible) light of various specific wave lengths at the tissues.  It is safe and painless for your pet as it has no side-effects and unlike more powerful Class 4 lasers does not heat the tissues.  Certain molecules within the body’s cells absorb the light energy, altering their metabolism
This results in:
•Considerable increase in tensile strength of repaired tissue
•Stimulation of the immune system
•Non-needle acupuncture point stimulation
The 3B Laser is used for:
•Non-healing (in diabetic and Cushing’s patients)
•To reduce seromas / hematomas and lymphedema
•To protect the integrity of the cartilage in immobilized or disused joints
•Faster healing of damaged tissue
•Reduced scarring
•Pain relief
•To accelerate healing of wounds – surgical
•Pressure sores
•Self-induced due to allergies / eczema
•To accelerate healing of fractures, soft tissue injuries (muscle, tendon or ligaments) and nerve injuries either as part of a conservative management program following surgical repair e.g. cruciate
•To reduce pain and inflammation at sites of injury and in chronically painful conditions such as arthritis, spondylosis and neurological pain
•To stimulate acupuncture points
No gels have to be applied to the skin; the laser probe is placed directly onto your pets skin, or just over it in the case of an open wound.  You will be asked to wear special glasses to protect your eyes.
The treatment is relatively quick and can usually be completed in a half hour session