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Laser or photobiomodulation is a crucial tool in aiding us reduce pain and inflammation in your dog's body. Whether it is pain and inflammation from osteoarthritis, post surgical pain, neurological pain, wounds, or soft tissue indues, it plays a crucial tool in aiding in the multimodal approach. #kimcarinophotography ... See MoreSee Less

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Daphne’s session again this week. As she’s not happy about me lasering her sore, arthritic elbows, I use #pemftherapy and #red light to help regenerate cells and reduce pain and inflammation. She has adapted her gait to avoid using her elbows by using her neck and shoulders which have become very tight and fibrous. Deep soft tissue work and joint mobilisation really helps release the built up tension here. She enjoys that a lot! 😄❤️🐾 #caninefitphysio #vetrehabbers #dogswitharthritis #rottweilersofinstagram #caninephysiotherapy #caninemuscletherapy #happymuscles ... See MoreSee Less

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@hydrotherapy4paws I think Jet worked hard at her treadmill session today! 😂 Jet’s pre season training is now under way which includes regular UWTM sessions to help with strengthening and cardio to prepare her for the coming season and prevent her from injury #underwatertreadmillfordogs #sleddogs #caninesportstherapy #fitforfunction #canineathlete #bikejoringdog #caninefit #canicross #bssfnationalchampionships ... See MoreSee Less

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Accidents happen and injuries occur but that doesn't mean we can't be proactive and help to reduce our dogs’ chances of an injury. So, what can we as our dogs’ biggest advocates do to help reduce their chance of injury and give them the best chance of a quick recovery? 🤔

🐶 Quarterly Assessments – Reach out to your local canine physio and have them assess your puppy or adult dog’s movements! McIntyre Canine Rehabilitation conveniently offers virtual assessments if you can’t find anyone local!

🐶 Avoid Overtraining – Rest days are critical. Dogs do not make the progress in their strength, power, balance or flexibility when they are actually working out and completing the exercises but rather when their bodies rest and recover.

🐶 Warm-Up and Cool Down - It’s a simple thing but how many of us actually do this in day-to-day life? Whether you’re competing at a show or taking your dog to the park, warming up prior to exercise and cooling down afterwards is a simple and powerful way to prevent injury!

🐶 Strength Training - If your dog is a weekend warrior and is active only two days a week, they’re going to be at a greater risk of injury than the dog who is active throughout the week. Daily, consistent exercise can help your dog’s muscles and ligaments stay strong and resilient and minimize the chance of injury.
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