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COOLING COATS AND COOLING MATS FOR DOGS*** FIne for comfort. Not for emergency cooling. Don't let the coats dry out otherwise they will change from cooling your dog to heating it up - like a blanket! ***These coats are made from absorbent material and hold a fair amount of water. I've tested them. They can cool dogs in TWO WAYS!➡ CONDUCTION ○This is the fastest of any cooling method.○This is the direct transfer of heat from dog to the cooling coat and is dependent on the temperature of the water you soak the cooling coat in. ○If you soak the cooling coat in ~35°C water (skin temperature) then the coat will not cool the dog by conduction. ○If you soak the coat in 15°C water then you remove a lot of heat quickly.○It doesn't last long. The cooling coat will warm-up and once it's similar to the dog's surface temperature then conductive heat transfer stops.○This might take 15-20 min depending on the ambient temperature.➡ EVAPORATION○Water in the cooling coat evaporates. This removes heat.○Evaporation is fastest in hot and dry and windy conditions.○Evaporation is slowest in cool and or humid and or still conditions.○Evaporation is more efficient than conduction. Evaporation removes a lot more heat per litre than conduction.○Evaporative cooling is slower than conductive cooling.○Evaporative cooling and conductive cooling will be taking place together when the cooling coat is first put on. But after ~10-20min it will only be evaporative cooling.○As the cooling coat becomes drier the cooling effect is less and less.○There will come a point as the cooling coat loses water where the insulation is holding more heat in than is being lost by evaporation and the dog will begin to heat up.KEY POINTS○Try to use cool water (15-20°C) when you first put the coat on.○Don't ever let a cooling coat dry out. If it does dry and you have no more water then take it off.○In very humid conditions (above around 70%RH) when evaporation will be slow you can re-soak the coat with cool water (15-20°C; no need to remove it) every 30 minutes if necessary.○These cooling coats are for keeping dogs comfortable! THEY SHOULD NOT BE USED to try and cool dogs that ARE VERY HOT and at risk of or have HEATSTROKE! ACUTE HEATSTROKEHeatstroke is a medical emergency. Chances of survival depend on RAPID ACTION. For this use the direct application of COLD (10-20°C) water all over the body or better still immerse in a river, pond, bath, water trough, etc. Once the dog starts to respond (5-10 min depending on the size of the dog) i.e. consciousness returns (if previously unconscious), panting reduces, appears more alert, etc be prepared to stop cooling to avoid hypothermia. IF YOUR DOG WAS UNCONCIOUS SEEK VETERINARY ADVICE IMMEDIATELY. ... See MoreSee Less
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On Saturday I presented an Introduction to Conditioning the Sporting Dog to two groups of lovely dogs (and their owners!) All the dogs did really well learning basic strengthening and postural exercises and their owners went away confident and happy enough to begin their dogs conditioning! Sadly no pics as we were too busy! 🙈😂 thanks to Rachel at Happy Dog Training for organising! 😊 ... See MoreSee Less
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I had some lovely news over the weekend from Southern Counties Championship Show! Post 2! Sponsored Boys Hector and Havoc also did very well! Havoc’s first ever championship show and he came 2nd in Junior! 🎉 Havoc hasn’t had the practice he would’ve normally had due to Covid but he was a star on Sunday! Qualifying for Crufts 2022! 🥰 Hector gained a respectable VHC in Open Dog. Massive congrats guys! From Working Dogs to Show Dogs! 💪🏻🎉🥰 ... See MoreSee Less
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4 weeks ago

Canine Fit Physio & Sports Therapy
I had some lovely news over the weekend from Southern Counties Championship Show! Post 1! Beautiful Dusky the Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever has been coming to me for general maintenance and conditioning for the last few months and I was over the moon to hear she won her Limit Class on Saturday! 🎉 Huge congrats to owner Sophy who has worked so hard with Dusky! Super proud of you both! 💪🏻🥰 ... See MoreSee Less
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